Jennifer A. G. Layte

Jennifer was four years old when she first told her mother she wanted to write stories. Since then, she has found both traditional and less traditional ways of doing that. She has published two books and is the founder of The Pilgrimage–a Christ-centered online spiritual formation community, created especially to tend to the stories of those who have been hurt by the church or are otherwise struggling in their faith.

Jennifer’s background in literature, theology, and the Bible give her imaginative ways of retelling the stories of the Bible and of others, encouraging people to live within their own stories better. She is a trained spiritual director and an ordained pastor. Jennifer lives in New England with her husband Paul and two adorable rescue dogs, Chunk and Winnie.

~ Books ~

Favored One

When an angel tells her that she is favored because Adonai is with her, Miryam isn’t sure she wants such a favor. All the people in the Tanakh who had known Adonai’s presence had also known severe suffering as they brought deliverance to his people. As Miryam accepts Adonai’s mission to bear the Messiah in the face of her own fears and misgivings, she learns for herself greater joys and suffering than even she had imagined. But she also begins to see the deliverance–not just of her people, but of the entire world.

Trees In The Pavement

Zari’s story takes you from the fighting in Kosovo to the concrete streets of the city of London – but there is conflict here too. You can’t leave problems behind just because you leave your country as a refugee in the back of a lorry full of cheese! Making friends is a minefield in itself – and the secrets she discovers in the family just add to the trouble.

~ Artwork ~

~ Spiritual Guidance ~