Uncompromised Solidarity

some thoughts on a guy named daniel, and also some heads up for you


Uncompromised Solidarity

Some thoughts on a guy named Daniel, and also some heads up for you

I’ve been “living in” the book of Daniel since New Year’s, and here’s something I’ve noticed about him: he had an amazing ability to be personally uncompromising in his devotion to God and what he saw as God’s principles, combined with an equally amazing ability to identify in solidarity with people who, from his own framework, didn’t deserve it. 

In chapter 2, he describes and interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, and then uses his success to advocate for the lives of all the magicians, whose practices and procedures would have been contrary to “the law of his God.” 

In chapter 9, he again advocates for people’s lives and well-being, in this case identifying himself and confessing as one culpable along with his own people who rebelled against their God. 

Some of us have been enjoined to “dare to be a Daniel,” and (I may be in a minority here by now) I still have respect for the late Billy Graham, but I feel like the daringest characteristic of Daniel was the ability to blend uncompromising devotion to God and unflagging, sincere solidarity with people who were far from Him.

I wonder what the Church would look like if we as individuals were so unshakeable in our God that we were free to identify with and advocate for everybody else.

Things to Come

Daniel is also famous for having some pretty intense prophetic visions. The following is also a foretelling of what’s coming up this year, but as far as I know, none of this involves monsters or “abominations that cause desolation.” (I certainly hope not, anyway.) I hope you’ll join us in some way on Pilgrimage this year. We’re nine years “on the road” and I do believe it’s becoming a space for greater security with God and solidarity with each other.

This labyrinth is at the Menucha Retreat and Conference Center outside Portland, OR
The Walk

Some people think “stages of faith” aren’t biblical, but I would argue that they are, and also that learning about them—even from the lens of people who walked them after the canon closed!—can be helpful as we encounter twists and turns (and deep valleys) in our own life of faith. They also enable us to have greater solidarity with and compassion for other people whose faith does not look like ours at all. The next two cohorts start at the beginning of May, and there are eight spots available in each. Block off the dates now and sign up as soon as you can!

Stepping Into the Story

This 12-week life-mapping class is already under way for this season, with two full cohorts digging deeply into their own stories to find their footing for the next steps in the Grand Story. I’m actually “going through” it again myself, but I may be processing the exercises in paid posts so as not to encroach on the participants’ own processes and learning times!

If you missed this round, fear not! There’s a whole other season from August-October and registration is open already. Don’t imagine it’s too early to sign up. There are only four slots per cohort for this class, and everyone in the current cohorts signed up last year. Installment payments make this a lot more feasible, so don’t hesitate.

Winter Solace?

Didn’t this just happen?


Listen, in spite of how long we’ve been traveling on Pilgrimage, this isn’t exactly a well-known community. It takes me a lot of one-to-one interactions to get enough participants for a program to run successfully. Because this program incorporates more leaders/instructors/faculty than just me, it’s extra helpful (dare I say vital) to know as soon as possible whether we will have a viable contingent of attendees. Many people will sign up at the last minute, but… 

Since there are three “Solaces” under our belts at this point, I think we’ve proven this is a valuable event, and so for those of you who already know you want to attend Winter Solace ‘25 (January 10-12), as a motivator to commit now, and a thank you for doing so, I’m offering “Early Solace” tickets at half price from now through July. This will help both you (with a discount and a reserved weekend) and us (knowing that we can plausibly run this as soon as possible).

If you’re not a past attendee of Winter Solace but you’ve wanted to attend, and you like a deal, please also take advantage of this opportunity. I can already tell you the theme word: Still. We’ll see how it plays out.

I can also tell you—even though we don’t have the fully confirmed line-up yet—at least four of next year’s faculty: 


Chandra Crane

Amy Sondova

 and Monika Pitts. Hope you can make it!

Question of the Week:

What do you think about this Daniel observation above? Have you ever met someone who seemed to have firm faith convictions but was also a safe person to be around and/or advocate for you? What was that like?