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  • The Friendliest Catch

    The Friendliest Catch

    what if the fish wanted to be caught? ART SPOTLIGHT The Friendliest Catch  What if the fish wanted to be caught? JENN FEB 16, 2024 Last autumn when I met with some friends who know and are rooting for Follower, my yet to be published book about Simon Peter and Jesus and you, they all recommended…

  • Managing the Chaos

    Managing the Chaos

    sometimes i process my spirituality by illustrating it I may have mentioned a time or two that 2023 was pretty chaotic.   Interestingly, The Bible Project (an org I highly recommend) chose 2023 to do a whole series of podcast episodes (and also a video) on the biblical “chaos dragon,” so at least I had some imagery to work with in my head.   One of…

  • Winter or Something

    Winter or Something

    Weekend Plans A month or two ago, I was bored while watching TV (I no longer know how to just watch  TV, if I ever did), and so I posted a note asking for drawing prompts.   Malinda Just suggested “Winter,” and so I drew a nice picture. And then up here in the Northeastern United States, it…