Winter or Something

Weekend Plans

A month or two ago, I was bored while watching TV (I no longer know how to just watch  TV, if I ever did), and so I posted a note asking for drawing prompts.  

Malinda Just suggested “Winter,” and so I drew a nice picture. And then up here in the Northeastern United States, it proceeded to be very unlike the picture I drew, in temperature, type of precipitation (did we have precipitation? did we ever. Just not the winter kind), and aspect.  

All that may change this weekend. An automated phone call from the town decreed that there shall be no cars on the roads from Saturday to Sunday nights, and so our church’s annual “Celebration Sunday” (which this year was going to include three baptisms) is postponed a week. And now I feel like I can appropriately share my drawing.  


Winter—and don’t forget to sign up for Winter Solace which is happening a week from an hour from now! 

Winter Solace 

Also, as part of my Christmas present, my Paul gave me some online art courses, and I’m learning about/experimenting with gouache. Here are some little postcards I made for practice, plus a Simon Peter illustration as a draft for a mildly bigger project I want to do involving him. 

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? Is it interfering with your weekend plans? What are your weekend plans?